Saturday, April 18, 2015

Scooby doo! Is Hillary really the Velma Dinkley of American politics?

Kevin Williamson at his raconteurish best exploring the Clinton - Scooby Doo connection. FWIW I always though Velma was hot but I've never thought Hillary was. I'm afraid his Kevness has outdone himself in this one - more zing than I can count: "Her Herselfness", "the Solon of Chappaqua", Lena Dunham as "that daft young actress". Absolutely delicious whatever your politics. It is the fact that Granny Hill can inspire writers to such heights of oracular orotunditry that makes me (well that and the inevitable septuagenarian sex scandals - bet you've  never read those words together before) half wish that she does become the most powerful woman in the world. Ah but if wishes were fishes then we'd all smell like fish guts....

You’ll remember Velma Dinkley, the grim-faced young fogey of the Scooby-Doo gang: turtleneck and knee socks, orange; pleated skirt and pumps, red; spectacle lenses a very groovy shade of aqua; hair in a severe, LPGA-ready bob. She was the thick and bookish counterpoint to the comely Daphne Blake. But the id moves in mysterious ways, and Velma has enjoyed a strange post-1970s career as a minor object of erotic fixation, being portrayed on film by the knockout Linda Cardellini and, in a dramatic illustration of Rule 34, by the pornographic actress Bobbi Starr.

Perhaps that is what sometime sex symbol Hillary Rodham Clinton had in mind when she nicknamed her campaign van “Scooby,” noting its resemblance to the famously psychedelic Saturday-morning ride of Mystery Incorporated. Mrs. Clinton — the Grand Glorified Imperial Herself — is very much a creature of the 1970s, and Scooby-Doo may very well feel fresh in her mind.

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