Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fly - penned to my daughter Amelia Anne Reeves on the occasion of her graduation

Amelia Earhart loved to fly
She was happiest in the sky.
Now another Amelia prepares to go
Into that yonder - where? We do not know.

Many will say beware the cost
For the first Amelia was forever lost
When she dreamt too high, dreamt too much
You wouldn't want to end up as such.

But I say that you must fly
For each of us is bound to die
Fly for those who never could
Fly for those who never would

But above all fly.

Fly for us who've crashed our dreams
Fly so we can dream again
Fly with joy, fly with tears
Fly for the future, fly without fear

But above all fly.

For the only death you have to fear
Is the death of dreams that disappear

Fly for peace and fly for love
Fly for yourself and fly for us
Fly on the ground or fly in the air
Just how you fly I really don't care

But above all you must fly.
Pease don't forget to fly

My dear sweet Amelia how I long to see you fly.

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