Thursday, April 16, 2015

Democrats are winning rights for the transgendered while Republicans are winning the Right to Work

While the Dems are dragged deeper into strange and tiny alleys of gender identity   Republicans are having immense success implementing Right to Work legislation: OK, IN, MI and WI have all gone RTW. States like Missouri are only a Republican governor away from that result.  And now a dozen individual counties in Kentucky are doing the same. If these local ordinances pass constitutional muster expect hundreds of rural and exurban counties in purple states to do so, stripping private labor unions of much of their remaining coercive clout. That, along with paycheck protection laws that keep public unions from appropriating their members' dues for political purposes are sounding the death knell of union clout in much of the country.

But don't worry. I'm sure getting trannies into the toilet of their choice will be a big vote getter. The problem with identity politics is ultimately their triviality. While most everyone works.

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