Thursday, April 30, 2015

Why are college students treated like "human veal"?

Because the left's long March through higher education is over so they no longer need or want tolerance or academic freedom.  To paraphrase what Tayyip Erdogan Turkey's President cum strongman famously said about Democracy:  for our uniformly leftist boffins academic freedom and tolerance are like a train - when you get to your station you get off.

And the problem with being cosseted like veal is that eventually your handlers butcher you. Which is a pretty good metaphor for the 4 to 5X increase in real college costs for what is a less intellectually diverse education than i had in the 80s.

But the way students and especially administrators talk about college today, you’d think parents are paying ever-higher tuition so their children can attend a reeducation camp straight out of China’s Cultural Revolution. It’s as if college presidents, deans, and the ever-increasing number of bureaucrats and administrators and residence-life muckety-mucks walked away from Animal House firmly believing that Dean Wormer was not only the hero of movie but a role model. At all costs, order must be enforced and no space for free play or discord can be allowed!

More here. Trigger warning to you fainting college flowers out there: Nick Gillespie says owie things and uses Fuck as a frustrated ejaculation (no not that kind the word kind).

And I must end with this:

Either way, this much seems likely: Today’s students are even less prepared to deal with anything approaching the real world than those of us who graduated into a world that didn’t even pretend to care what our senior thesis was about. Take it from me, kiddos: The whole world is a microaggression when it isn’t openly kicking you up and down the street. And if your vast clone army of administrative busybodies can’t fully protect you from disappointment on campus, they’re even more useless once you’ve graduated and start paying off your student loans.

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