Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One of the biggest problems with the climate alarmists is their confusing fantasy and,reality

You've all seen the headlines:

"Extreme storms more likely due to global warming" or "low lying countries will cease to exist due to rising sea levels".

Invariably the source of these "scientific" statements will be climate models. Climate models that are huge, poorly documented kluges built without a design by academic committee over ten or twenty years. Models that when given reference data for the past century are utterly unable to replicate the climate record and who have almost all (98 or 99 of 100) over predicted warming so much that their error is now statistically significant to two standard deviations. Which for you lay people is like setting out from Boston to go to NYC and ending up in Montreal.

But that's all old hat. The model-reality confusion has hit new heights with the publication of "How Climate Model Complexity Influences Sea Ice Stability" in the Prestigious Journal of the American Meteorology Society. Am i to believe that no one associated with the journal noticed that the paper was claiming to show how a computer simulation could radically effect real climate? Admittedly climate models are complex but that complexity is logical (well illogical) and resides in various large computer centers. I suppose it could make the computers really hot and that excess heat could melt the polar ice cap but I doubt it.

These guys are so lost in their own model fantasy world that they can't tell the difference between their games of climate pretend and reality.

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