Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's "Thiever Education" - one in three at least one month behind on college loans

Guarantee you the next scam will be "free college for everyone" because then Uncle with his magic money machine will pick up the tab bitch free until the dollar collapses. But don't worry it'll be the kids who are screwed. So it's all good! Hat tip instapundit.

EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: The Student-Loan Problem Is Even Worse Than Official Figures Indicate. “Nearly one in three Americans who are now having to pay down their student debt–or a staggering 31.5%–are at least a month behind on their payments, new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis suggests. That figure is far higher than official delinquency measures reported by the Education Department and the New York Fed. And it’s also likely the most accurate.”

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