Monday, April 27, 2015

Whither Black America

Watching more Baltimore violence. Blacks rioting in a black run city with a half black police force led by a black man not 50 miles from the first black head of state and government of any non African majority nation since (possibly) the Emperor Hadrian. And all I can say is thank God it's not St. Louis again.

I turn the page and see that the US has admitted 51 million immigrants in the last decade. There are only about 40 million African Americans. Metro Houston is 18 percent black. My suburb is almost 40 percent black. There is lots of road, home and retail construction going on. These jobs pay more than minimum and traditionally have been stepping stones for the poorly placed and educated to bootstrap themselves into their own contracting businesses. I've seen hundreds working. I have never seen a black man. Or almost anyone but newer Latino immigrants.

It's not the immigrants' fault, of course and I am fairly libertarian on immigration but I can see how if you're a black man who has been raised on the mother's milk of America is "racist" and on "oppression" and "victimization" you could get angry. If day after day and year after year you watch the 51 million marching steadily past your 40 knowing that your President and party are doing everything they can to accelerate this trend. And if every day you saw the consequences of the most brutally vindictive policing and legal environment in the developed world, knowing that it is disproportionately  brutalizing your family and friends then what would you do when the inevitable mishap between a young black man and law enforcement happens near you?

I predict that our stagnant corporatist/rent seeking economy, combined with accelerating immigration, openly racist indoctrination by the educrats, a shockingly brutal legal system and the sensationalist media will lead to more and more black violence. And that will lead to an increasing estrangement of black Americans from the rest of society. Including other non white groups.

It's a pity that Barack Obama and Eric Holder were so busy inciting black anger to goose turnout that they had no time to actually help their "brothers and sisters".

And then I turn the page and read of the Clintons' latest antics. The best thing about American liberalism was always it's idealism. Even though I often thought the liberals were terribly misguided, I never questioned most of their motives. But now it seems to me that fifty years of failure to move virtually any needle relating to poverty, drug use, education, or racial equality has made its practitioners cynical and power focused.  It's a damn shame.

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