Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Grexit looms as the Greek government falls and the newbies plan to "do the Argentina"

Which is like the Macarena except when you're finished everyone is broke.
I say let slip the Cerebuses (Cerebi?) of economic war and watch the entire rotten bureaucratic shambles come crashing down. The wails of the bien pensants will be tragically entertaining to behold.

I've bought a whole case of Orville Redenbacher in anticipation of just this denouement.  Because the only way we can find our way back from the venal state technocracies that we've become is economic catastrophe. 

Naturally, I prefer for the US to learn by watching the EU Kraken roar and flail. 

God what a bloody mess our Lords and Saviors have msde.
Faster please.

Mass Grexiting at the link.

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