Saturday, March 14, 2015

Minimum wage fraud hurts the weak but helps lying leftists.

Honest to gosh economists are fabricating "science" in the service of the Democrat's power agenda. They are claiming that when it comes to low priced, unskilled, interchangeable labor demand curves slope upwards - the more labor costs the more of it you want. Of course the argument is really a psycho-social one: they are arguing that the small businessmen, franchise holders and restaurateurs that employ low wage labor  are so fucking stupid that they will do the equivalent of poke their eye out with a sharp stick and then with the hole still bleeding go buy a new pair of spectacles. This viewpoint now (very newly) held by ex economics Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is all the rage among the "gosh aren't people fucking stupid left". Of course the GAPFS left is filled with people like Paul Krugman who have never held a real job and would bankrupt any business they got within 50 yards of. But any bullshit in a storm is their motto.

Tons more specific but no more accurate reasons why this so called "finding" stinks worse than a pair of fetid dingo kidneys can be found here.

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