Thursday, March 12, 2015

Claire McCaskill is a modernized McCarthy who needs to be removed from office

Jameis Winston is the Florida State QB who a credibility challenged white woman has claimed raped her. He has had those charges reviewed and dismissed 3 times but the vicious feminist harpies won't let it go. As Stuart Taylor explains:

 The Hunting Ground joins the movement to ruin a man’s career for the sake of an ideological agenda. ADVERTISEMENT A movement is afoot to destroy the career of a young black man whom a young white woman with overwhelming, well-documented credibility problems has accused of raping her. Three separate investigations, including a Florida State Code of Conduct hearing, have found former Florida State quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston not to be a rapist. But now The Hunting Ground, a much-touted documentary on campus sexual assault, features his previously anonymous accuser presenting her case publicly for the first time. 

Senator Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) has warned that NFL teams had better “watch this movie before they draft him.” The movie, co-produced by CNN and created by Emmy-winning director Kirby Dick and Oscar-nominated producer Amy Ziering, has already aired at the White House, the Sundance Festival, many campuses, and in New York and Los Angeles. It will air on March 13 in other major cities, including Washington, D.C. 

The film’s longest segment — 15 full minutes — is designed to prove that Winston raped former classmate Erica Kinsman and got away with it because of bad police work and college administrators’ greed and favoritism toward football stars. The film “throws down a challenge of a sort for the National Football League with a not-so-subtle suggestion that teams should think twice about drafting one of the top college prospects, Jameis Winston,” as the New York Times enthused.

(Read the whole thing. Taylor outlines a complete travesty that even our vicious man hating white house is part of.)

Yet when there were multiple credible claims of assault, harassment and abuse made against Bill Clinton the Claire Bear was nowhere to be found.

A Democrat party that throws under the bus any man not found to be useful will cease to be relevant really quickly. Ms. McCaskill has no conscience but politics. McCarthy=McCaskill?

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