Saturday, March 21, 2015

Barack Obama is abandoning the Jews of Israel not because he's Muslim but because he's Leftist.

When the Jews and Israel were poor and weak the left loooooved them.  They love victims who they can champion and turn into to perpetual wards of their 'morality' and largesse. Largesse looted from the bourgeois......Jews?  Wait that can't be right.  But it is.  As soon as Jews got rich they became enemies and marks for the left.  In the left's eyes, Jews can only be noble and valid if they completely buy into the left's framework of oppression and redemption - they must be 'saved' by the saving grace of hating where they came from so that they can love those losers who are supposed to love where they came from.  As Podhoretz says:

So even those who are furious with Netanyahu should really take a breath and a close look and consider this point carefully: The Arab-vote business is a pretext. American presidents, this one especially, typically do not revisit special strategic relationships based on election-day maneuvers in a democracy, however unpleasant they might find them. In my view, Obama is hoping once again to use liberal Jewish disaffection in the United States with Netanyahu as a wedge to give him space to make a major policy pivot from the special relationship—one for which he has hungered since he came into office.

It would behoove American Jews to remember that Stalinists always looked upon Trotsky as "that Jew".

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