Saturday, March 21, 2015

I'd be more impressed if the Clinton's scandals were less tawdry and more Dr. Evilish

I guess she is technically trying to take over our world but only so she can make us play tea party with her.  Sit up straight! Stop laughing!

It's her lack of basic tech understanding that is really laughable. Rule by her would be 4 years of playing pretend with a technologically senile dolt.

"Gosh darn it! You kids stop playing with that interweb thingy and come listen to your President rant about feminism."

Of course Obama has just dragged the internet back to 1933 so that his social media funders and big broadband borg can double their wealth at the expense of the rest of America. Imagine: regulating an industry experiencing relentless price decreases. You only do that if you want prices to go up.

 The biggest crimes are always the legal ones. And the biggest crooks are the ones who say they're "fighting" for the "people".

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