Thursday, March 05, 2015

Iran: "Nuclear deal is very close"

This is a travesty wrapped in a disaster portending a tragedy. Our President, in a fresh burst of contempt for America's essential role in the world and the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions is guaranteeing an epic nuclear arms race in the most conflicted and eschatalogical corner of our world. It is utter madness and everyone outside of this fatuous, benighted White House knows so. Indeed, even otherwise stalwart and corrupt Democrats like New Jersey Robert Menendez are saying so.

This obscenity needs to be denounced by a huge bipartisan majority. It's time for all those duped by cheap rhetoric and racial hipness to atone for their careless electoral  credulity by denouncing this agreement as DOA and threatening bloody retribution if Iran tries to live by it.  The President must be repudiated and rebuked by all decent men for the  moral crime he is committing.

This is not some bullshit political issue like ISIS. This is truly existential. My God how could we elect a President who could be so stupidly evil?

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