Monday, June 01, 2015

The New Progressive ploy: call those that organize to oppose progressive policies "Racketeers" and prosecute them

I'm sure Senator Sheldon Whitehouse believes that progress can only occur if his opponents are cowed into silence either by IRS harassment or Justice Department prosecutions but we still have a constitutional Republic and we still have our liberties.

RICO: A NEW FRONT ON THE WAR ON FREE SPEECH: As preposterous as it sounds, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has an oped in the Washington Post arguing that the federal racketeering law, RICO, should be used to prosecute those who deny global warming climate change:

I would have thought that a deranged proposal like criminalizing scientific differences wouldn't have gotten a platform like the Washington Post but I was wrong - it certainly isn't Kay Graham's paper anymore.  The left is frustrated that nothing is working out the way they planned it so they are getting very ugly and intolerant. And in the run up to the election they are likely to get hysterical.  The party of the state cannot abide being out of power.  They have no other reason to live than to oppress and manipulate the rest of us.

Meanwhile the Fascist Senator Whitehouse needs to be replaced.

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