Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's not so much that Obama understands Jews as that he understands dhimmis

Jews who support Israel accuse the President of condescending to them, sending "court Jews" to pacify them while Israel is sold down the river. I think they're right but the best analogy isn't Christian Europe but the Caliphate.

Obama’s presentation of himself as “an honorary member of the tribe,” which he repeated almost verbatim in his recent speech at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, echoes the assessment of one of his favorite journalistic interlocutors, Jeffrey Goldberg, who has argued that Obama is the most Jewish president ever. What bothers Obama, the president and his spokespeople insist, isn’t Jews or Israel but specific Israeli government policies, which the president believes are driven by fear. In a recent interview with Israel’s Channel Two, he explained that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fear—fear of losing his coalition and his job; fear of not finding a Palestinian peace partner, etc.—is endangering Israel’s very existence. And if Netanyahu is too scared to take risks for peace, Obama warned, it would be hard for his administration to continue vetoing anti-Israel motions at the United Nations.

Whether Obama is an honorary Jew or not, the evidence suggests that he keenly understands certain peculiarities of the Jewish communal psyche—survival strategies that distinguish the Jews from other American minority groups. The president’s use of Jewish aides and organizations to advance his policies with the Jewish community shows that Obama is correct in believing that Jewish politics are often motivated by fear, which can range from the existential fear of mass extermination to the more prosaic fear of looking shabby in front of the goyim. And Obama isn’t using his energy and inspiring leadership skills to help these people rise above their fear; he is instead capitalizing on it—masterfully, ruthlessly—by manipulating American Jews in ways that other minority groups would find unbelievably insulting.

Consider recent statements from Jewish aides to the president. Netanyahu is the kind of politician, said David Axelrod, “who run[s] for public office because they want to be somebody.” Israel doesn’t know what’s best for it, Obama’s former envoy to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process Martin Indyk told Israeli media last week. “You are an emotional nation, not a rational nation,” he sniffed. “You work from your gut and not your mind.”

Islam has traditionally accepted minority communities so long as they submitted and paid special fealty to the regime. The minorities were typically (but no always) richer and more accomplished than the Ummah and could bear their disabilities. Any dhimmi could eliminate his disability by proclaiming "There is no God but God! And Muhammed is his messenger!" In leftist America white straight men, Jews and Asians are dhimmis. But as Rachel Dolezal demonstrates it harder to flee dhimmitude in left wing America than in the medieval caliphate.

Of course much of left wing politics - in its denial and hatred of modern economics, it's sexual prudery combined with sexual exploitation, racism, and of course in its deeply reactionary and doctrinaire Gaia worship - is medieval.

So don't worry Jews, you're just The Obami's favorite dhimmis. For now.

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