Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dems: "2.2% growth is just swell, the best we can do" Republicans: "can you spell 'malaise'? Now how about "Ronnie Reagan"?

Republicans say we can get the economy growing faster, even 4 percent per annum and argue that should be our primary goal as a nation. Democrats say "that's delusional, besides we need to spend the trillions of dollars of investment that would take to save the planet from burning and stopping the rape epidemic that the FBI can't find and getting income equality and providing subsidized health care and free college and double minwage while saving us from transfats and sugar and nasty free speech and micro agressions and big mean 'ol white men."

"Besides", the Donks continue "Its just so hard and everyone is being really mean".

I sort of get their point. I mean with that  agenda the paltry 2.2% real growth achieved since the Great recession's nadir looks pretty darn good rather than the worst since economic records have been kept.

Maybe we need less "hope" and more real change at the top? Let's do it (as the Dems might put it) "for the children".

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