Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Efficiency gains to capital equipment for various forms of energy

Naturally the unsubsidized and reviled vastly outperform the subsidized and glorified.  Our Federal Government is on the job.  Hat tip Wattsupwiththat.com

Number of the Week: 500%. Energy researcher Mark Mills estimates efficiency of capital expenditures on various types of energy production. He measures it in terms of energy output per unit of capital cost for the energy-producing hardware, using EIA data. According to his estimates, over the past five years, efficiency gains for shale rigs is 500% per dollar spent on capital improvements; for solar cells about 200%, and for wind turbines about 125%. The US government heavily subsidies solar cells and wind turbines, but not shale rigs. Efficiency gains do not measure two basic problems of solar and wind: the lack of reliability and consistency. See link under: Oil and Natural Gas – the Future or the Past?

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