Friday, June 19, 2015

Justice perpetrates injustice and gags its victims so they can't complain about the travesty that the Justice Department has become

Reason reported on the monstrous over sentencing of the the Silk Road founder.  Many hundreds of commenters voiced their outrage at the brutality of our government.  In response, Justice subpeoned the online identities and ip addressess of Reason's commentators.  And got one of their pocket judges to issue a gag order.  So a news publication is being forced to help the Feds violate their reader's first Amendment rights and is not allowed to report or protest.  This happened in the criminally partisan Scott Walker persecution as well.  Along with Civil Forfeiture and 97 to 99 percent of all cases failing to undergo public audit of a Jury of our peers (many, many of these settlements are also gagged) these are indicators that our criminal justice system serves the State and those who support its massive size and constant expansion while it betrays the rest of us. Government is on the government's side, not yours.

And all this intensifying under a Liberal Democrat. This administration has abused power more wantonly than any since Wilson, and he was fighting WWI.

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