Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's a sordid business, this divvy in us up by race - Chief Justice Roberts

The strange case of Rachel Dolezal reflected on here.

So when I heard the outlandish story of Rachel Dolezal, it wasn’t so outlandish to me. The racial left is today built around racial division, race hatred, and racial guilt. It is full of people who see the world through an angry racial lens.

The civil rights movement once held the moral high ground by treating people without regard to skin color. Now the civil rights movement exists to divide Americans by race. It is no accident that Rachel Dolezal would gravitate to an organization like the NAACP.

But none of this should surprise us anymore, after all, a United States senator from Massachusetts did essentially the same thing.

Race is the fuel that runs the modern progressive agenda. It’s 24-7 race. Race is the weapon for the great transformation, for plunking Section 8 housing in wealthy residential areas, for undermining law enforcement and for transforming election laws.

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