Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Marco Rubio: Bill Clinton without the stains?

Jon Podhoretz is a sharp guy and no slouch at speaking himself but I would have dismissed his assessment of Rubio had not so many other observers of both parties said the same things.

No, what makes Rubio so frightening to others is, simply, that he is a freakishly gifted politician — and a daring one.

He chose to challenge the sitting governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, for the Republican nomination for Senate in 2009 when Crist was at 60 percent in the polls and he was at 3 — and not only knocked Crist out of the GOP race but then beat him by 20 points when Crist ran as an independent in the general election.
It was an unprecedented triumph, like a rookie pitcher winning 25 games, and only another politician knows just how seriously he must take a rival like that.

But here’s the real thing about Rubio. I’ve listened to him and watched him talk, both in private sessions and on the Senate floor in speeches you can see on YouTube.

He is, without question, the most naturally gifted off-the-cuff political speaker I have ever seen.
His fluency on subjects ranging from conflicts in the South China Sea to flexible community-college credits is, quite simply, dazzling.

His rivals will go after him with the charge that this is all glibness — and they may score with the charge. He’s a talker, they will say; I’m a doer. Still, most of campaigning is nothing but talk.
Speeches, interviews, debates; talk is what they do.

It’s better to be a good talker than a bad talker, and it stands to reason that it’s therefore better to be a surreally great talker than a good one.

I have no idea whether Rubio will prevail in the GOP primaries next year and I have no idea whether, if he does, he will beat Hillary. What is unquestionable is that she and other Republicans fear him above all others.

The best natural politician, guaranteed to win lots more of the largest, fastest growing minority group, guaranteed to carry Florida. Causes huge problems for Dems in states like CO, NV, even NM and IA.

A slick Willie without the willie problems. Who has a chance to change the trajectory of Hispanic voting forever. Hmmm.

No wonder the Statist Borg is scared spitless.

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