Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Our Federal government at it's best? "A new Pearl Harbor"

The inability of our lavishly funded and paid Federal government to do the most basic things (websites, not politically targeting their enemies, following the law, not having hooker orgies when you're supposed to be protecting the President just to name a few) is the greatest rebuttal to good government liberals I could imagine. Indeed there is no such thing.

But now comes the massive and apparently catastrophic hack of personnel files by the Chinese. My God our boys in bullshit brown are pathetic, aren't they?

The damage is hard to exaggerate. Former NSA counterintelligence officer John Schindler calls it a “disaster” in a column headlined “China’s hack just wrecked American espionage.” Joel Brenner, America’s top counterintelligence official from 2006 to 2009, says the stolen data amounts to the “crown jewels” of American intelligence. “This tells the Chinese the identities of almost everybody who has got a United States security clearance,” he told the Associated Press.

Perhaps it's their belief that America is the enemy that animates their almost deliberate incompetence.

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