Monday, September 01, 2014

Andrew Leonard inadvertently gets to the main point about Uber in Salon

In a piece in Salon entitled "Why Uber must be stopped" he describes Uber's comptitive tactics and bemoans them and the company here:

Defenders of no-holds-barred free-market competition see nothing to be alarmed or concerned about. Riders can only benefit from fierce competition for their services, and the number of cancellations is trivial compared to Lyft’s total volume of rides, explains Timothy Lee at Vox. On the other hand, if you are inclined to see Uber as the acme of ruthless and amoral profit-seeking,then the latest news on Uber’s “deceptive tactics” is just one more confirmation of how the company will do anything to win.

And that's the key variable isn't it:  people who consider profit to be amoral, who consider private business to be greedy and selfish will evaluate anything a new player does that disrupts the market as being 'ruthless' and 'amoral'.  Someone who recognizes that the only way our society advances is through 'ruthless' competition in all sectors and the innovation that it provokes will evaluate Uber on the basis of the value proposition that they present to customers, contract drivers and investors.  It is really hard to grok a capitalist economy if you don't believe in capitalism.  You keep misinterpreting things.

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