Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hillary put Bill through a "Truth and reconciliation" commission process after Monica? OMFG I think I've died and gone to hell

As the author of the piece said:  "Who makes this (shit) up?"  (I added the shit for essential effect).  And you and I both know that the credulous left press will swallow this swill hook, line, sinker and pole. Golly!  More gobsmacking asshattery here.

PsychologiesHillaryWe get a preview of coming attractions in reports of an interview with Ms. Hillary for the October cover story of Psychologies magazine (I’ve never heard of it either), as reported in the British press. The Telegraph and Daily Mail headlines don’t say it all, but they say about as much as we need: “Hillary held truth and reconciliation hearing over Bill’s affair” (Telegraph) and “Hillary Clinton says Bill was subjected to South Africa-style hearings in order to work through his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky”(Daily Mail).

According to the articles, Ms. Hillary claims to have convened “South Africa-style” truth-and-reconciliation proceedings akin to those convened by Nelson Mandela to overcome the effects of the apartheid regime. Ms. Hillary explains that she was inspired by Mandela and that she had to invoke the iintruth-and-reconciliation process with Mr. Bill to avoid a mental “prison” for the rest of her life. Now she is free.

Ok so Hillary's free.  How about the rest of us?  Where do we get off?  Are we to be trapped listening to these solipsistic narcissists drone on until they or (more accurately because I suspect that they're the 'undead') we die?  And what about their demon spawn?  Will Chelsea simply combine the darkest most annoying aspects of both of them?  The mind boggles.  The stomach churns.  The bowels....well nevermind. Who did this to us is what I want to know.  Shouldn't they be punished?  Consigned to a Clintonian buffer zone to shield the rest of us from brain dead duplicity and self serving cant?  Can't someone help us? Anyone? My God, my God why have you forsaken us?

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