Thursday, September 04, 2014

There's a ninth thing I think I believe about IS and the United States

I gave eight reasons why I believe that we are overreacting and panicking over the IS/ISIL/ISIS eruption in the Levant and why I thought the US has gotten too deeply involved. Here is a ninth reason:

The reason that IS killed the two journalists was because they are American.  This on the surface seems insane because it simply inflamed us into getting more involved but from the Islamist's perspective it makes all the sense in the world.  Their short term problem isn't the Americans, it's the need for money, weapons and recruits.  And nothing inflames and encourages more recruits than killing Americans.  Because we Americans by being involved always inflame a significant percentage of the population. Hell if we got involved in Belgium's domestic difficulties a bunch of them would go crazy, it's human nature.

This is why it is such a mistake for us to go tromping in big booted again.  Stay over the horizon, support the right people, a surgical air strike here and there.  Only go in if absolutely necessary. And if we're clever (and I admit that our current President isn't particularly well suited to swift thinking) we will never let the situation get to that point.

Pray for Barry's brain, may it gain some wisdom or at least some wise advisers. Or by God we'll be up a creek without a paddle even further than we were before.

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  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    We appear to be under-reacting to everything - inviting more. You don't have to go nuke on everything - but when you do, you need to leave a dent big enough it scares them. To these guys, take a page from Pershing's actions in the Philippines for how to deal with muslim terrorists. He ended an insurgency in months by working their weaknesses - and made them fear the American's would literally send them to hell. We don't have to invade to make them terrified of us - we are just too polite to do what needs to be done.