Monday, September 08, 2014

Prosecutorial abuse of discretion New Jersy Style

Ray Rice is a rich and famous man who beat up his wife/girlfriend.  He goes free.  Shaneen Allen is a black mother who accidentally brought her (legal, permitted) handgun into New Jersey from her home in Philly and then made the tragic decision to talk to the police and to volunteer that she had it.  The same prosecutors are seeking 3 or more years for her.  Once again: never talk to the cops, never tell them anything unless you have counsel there.  Never.  Ever.  No matter what. They are not on your side and are not interested in keeping the peace - they're interested in keeping their jobs which is not the same thing. by a long shot.  Hattip Instapundit.

WITH THE RAY RICE STORY BACK, A REMINDER: The New Jersey Judge and DA who let him go want to put single mom Shaneen Allen in jail for 3+ years for a nonviolent regulatory offense.

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