Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Moderate Democrats: bled dry on the Obama Somme and Barack Marne - "there's no one left"

An entire generation of Democrat pols to the right of Barack Obama eradicated. Democrats stripped of all power in almost half the states. Blindly heading for a general election with the weakest, most corrupt candidate since Tammany Hall and the Ku Klux Klan got together to pick AL Smith. But rainbow flags! And Obamadon'tcare saved! And Lawyers get to loot real estate like they've looted employment law! And environmental mandates and minwage increases that drive costs up, up, up and productivity and employment down, down, down. And cowardice and incompetence overseas so egregious that even Jimmy Carter is condemning it. We've reached peak liberal and an avalanche is coming.

Ever wonder why no interesting center-left Democrats aren't challenging an increasingly vulnerable Hillary Clinton? There aren't any. Nobody. No one.

As Britain and France were bled white by their World War I battles, the Democrats were drained by a series of midterm debacles in which those in swing states were punished by voters, and all but the bluest of blue were cut down. On the altar of healthcare, Democrats sacrificed the fruit of two cycles of party-expansion, the picking of people who could win in red states and red districts, to bolster the party's breadth and appeal.

Now, these Democrats were told by liberal bloggers that it was their duty to lay down their political lives for this unpopular measure that most of their voters despised. As a result, Clinton's most viable challengers are a 75-year-old socialist from deep-blue Vermont, and the colorless former governor of very blue Maryland, who was so weak he could not help to elect his lieutenant governor, who lost to only the second Republican governor in a very long time. The Democrats' bench is not merely weak, it is non-existent. And that is Obamacare's work.

No, it's actually a much broader debacle than just Obamacare. My Dem interlocutors have gone almost silent. On the one hand these mostly white moderate men are frightened to speak out lest they be branded sexist racist homophobes and be marginalized right out of the party. On the other hand they realize that there is no future for them in a party with an intensely racist and sexist  commitment to all identities except....whites and heterosexual men.

The Dems are the Zombie party. Don't think so? Listen to Hillary speak. I dare you. But as this antiquated shambles goes down the enraged roars of all the septuagenarian Pelosiraptors will be something to behold.

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