Sunday, July 12, 2015

In government all the math is terrible.

This is a paraphrase of Douglas Adams' "in the universe all the numbers are terrible". Meaning the numbers are so gigantic we cannot cope with them. This is true with government but the real problem with those we serve, oops - I mean public servants - is that the math is so negative. We cannot cope with the scale of the bankruptcy and profligacy in our own back yard so we focus on Greece or Venezuela or Argentina. Believing - hoping really - that we are different in kind rather than degree from these prodigiously profligate frauds.

But we know that we are simply not quite as far along the Pilgrim's regress. That we have yet to "choose" the bad paths that our corrupt and profligate parents, grandparents choices have made essential so we may regress serenely, comfortably.

Our children - beset by our a
trigger warnings, sexual witch hunts and the appalling anti-racist racism, hetero phobic anti-homophobia and bigoted gender equality that our peers have poisoned the culture with - assume that they can trust us. But only because we stopped teaching them history and instead teach them fantasy.
And before long our grand children will be here and we will lie to them and loot their futures too. As long as we have breath and they have backs for us to pile burdens on.on.l

And a corrupt Illinois shall lead us all.

My friend Mark Glennon runsWirepoints. He was on a radio show recently talking about public pensions.
Public pensions have bankrupted the state of Illinois, counties, and virtually all municipalities in Illinois. Bill Gurtin ofGurtin Fixed Income has said he would decline buying the public debt of two places: Puerto Rico and anywhere in Illinois

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