Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Americans are bigots if the don't support same sex marriage but Castro is swell just about sums up bien pensant incoherence

Media bias is not only complete and hypocritical, it's drunk and incoherent.  Hugh Hewitt interviews Politico's Ben Smith who tries to explain but ends up sounding like he needs AA. While Howard Kurtz finally admits the obvious. The left won this week but now no one can argue that our press and institutions are any thing but left wing sluts.

The media is awfully quick to paint Americans as bigots and equivalent racists for having a heterodox opinions on same-sex marriage, but they’re pretty silent about the moral character of regimes that toss gays and lesbians off of roofs as a matter of public policy in order to maintain their supposed objectivity and sensitivity to multicultural concerns. It’s interesting to see where and when the media is willing to allow for two sides on an issue.

So how do you know what you know?

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