Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Russians' not-so-secret plan to drive energy prices higher

One of the reasons I found the accusation that Trump was colluding with the Russians so ludicrous was because it is manifestly in Russia's interest that the US and Canada reduce their production of oil, gas and coal (and uranium, the Clintons remind me helpfully from their counting house "one hundred million and twenty dollars, one hundred million forty, one hundred mil...hey how much does Barack have now? Too much, count faster...") 

Russia has in fact given millions to anti fracking and anti pipeline groups in both countries. Who supported....BHO and HRC.

Who actively opposed coal production, new pipelines and exploration offshore and on federal lands. Not to mention their allies in CA and NY who have banned new production and new pipelines full stop in two of the most promising regions for oil and gas production in the world.

While Trump has loudly (does he do anything quietly?) supported expanding hydrocarbon production going so far as to challenge northeastern and CA pipeline bans  which have led to high prices and shortages of natural gas in those states. 

Me, I say let 'em freeze in the dark. It will be a salutary lesson in reality. A commodity Dems are sorely lacking. As evidenced by the hysteria over Trump "helping" the Russians by pursuing policies that have halved the price of the only thing they produce that's worth anything.

Yet the media present Dems as the foreign policy "realists". I do not believe that word means what they think it does.

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