Monday, March 23, 2020

Locust Plagues and UN Plagues

In 1969 there was a locust plague whose leading edge ended up in Abu Dhabi. Which back then had about 3 acres of grass in the whole emirate. About 2 acres of which was provided by my RedRider wagon dirt delivery business.
When they built the 11 Phillip's 66 sandblock homes (think cinderblocks made en-situ out of sand and concrete that an 8 year old boy could get into trouble for easily hammering a hole in the wall with - it wasn't my fault, my hand slipped, I swear).
Each of the houses had a sandblock planter so they imported real honest to gosh soil from Iran and after they filled them all they had a bunch left over. So I organized a business delivering soil to the homes in the compound. I was in the third grade and supervised a rotating band of unreliable 1st and 2nd grade ne'er-do-wells to help. I was an equal opportunity employer, half of my crew being girls - we had a terrible labor shortage in AD and girls were more expensive because they demanded fringe benefits - I had to buy them a coke. They actually went on strike until I got them ice....they disliked desert heated coke. Damned socialists.
My dad and a couple other families were my customers, growing luxuriant beds of bermuda grass and even potatoes and carrots from my premium quality dirt. All of which were eaten to the nub by huge two inch long hoppers who covered the ground so thick that we were forced to wear shoes to school - a terrible imposition in those days.
We didn't need to use pesticide to kill them, the rub al khali desert did that.
But Africans today desperately need pesticides to save their crops from a new locust plague. But our Lords' enviro panic and ChiComm flu panics have merged into a murderous mega panic that will likely take far, far more African lives than it will save in America and Europe.
So much of what passes for "liberalism" these days is just "selfishism". 
Here is an article about how the UN is denying poor people the right to protect their crops and families. Evil institution, the UN.

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